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Chain Trap - The Musings of a Survivalist Hunter: Trinket talk


Trinket talk

I had never intended for this to be a high traffic blog, posting for the sake of it doesn't appeal, and I'd rather contribute content than add to noise. However, it's been a week since I last posted anything, which is a big longer than I had intended. A combination of work busy-ness, and the fact that I am currently trying to work out how to migrate this blog to its own domain before publicising it, has limited my posting time. Oh, and that all my WoW time has been spent grinding ethereals in Blades Edge to try and obtain a Depleted Badge for my druid. It was whilst killing my 12,334,281st Bash'ir Arcanist that I started to muse on gear sets and my hunter. My main alt of the moment is a Druid. Feral specced, his bags conatin 2 sets of gear at all times. One for dps, and one for tanking. Completely different sets of gear. He also has, in the bank, a healing set, and a spell dps set, for those occasions when he may be called upon to fill that function. I also have a priest, who is really only a primal mooncloth factory and Jewelcrafting alt these days, but she has 2 sets of gear, healing and dps, nevertheless. But Psia only has one set for all seasons, and the only thing that really changes from encounter to encounter are her trinkets. So, I thought I'd take a closer look... Grinding. My grinding, and default, trinket set is a no brainer really. When grinding I tend to move from mob to mob quickly and with a minimum of messing about or downtime. For this reason, I don't want trinkets that require too much user intervention. I'm almost always grinding mobs that require next to no thought or effort on my part, level 70-72 non-elites, they tend to go down pretty easily. I want trinkets that augment my ability and efficiency, and for a survivalist that means +crit. Every time I crit, Thrill of the Hunt gives me some mana back. Every time I crit my piggy, Chipolata, gets to use his kill command. And, of course, everytime I crit, I do more damage. I could care less about spikey damage, as I'm only competing against my own pet, and frankly, the mob isn't going to last long enough to cause me trouble anyway. So, I stack crit. And in the land of crit related trinkets there are two that stand out particularly for me. The Hourglass of the Unraveller. Ahhh, my beautiful, rare, hourglass. 32 crit rating, and a chance on crit of an extra 300 AP for 10 secs. This is a beautiful trinket, and one that punches well above its weight. 32 crit rating is a lot, in the general scheme of things, 1.45% at 70, and the proc is super. Like most of these types of trinket, there is definitely an internal cooldown that prevents it proccing constantly, but I'd guess that that's only 30secs or so. When running at 30% crit, or thereabouts, the proc is up almost everytime that cooldown is done. This trinket drops from Temporus, the second boss in the Caverns of Time: Dark Portal (more commonly known as the "hard" boss in Black Morass). To say that its in demand would be an understatement, you'll find rogues, druids, fury warriors, retridins, and the like all competing against for you the drop. Persevere, however, it's well worth it (and BM is great fun and pretty quick). My second choice for grinding is the Skyguard Silver Cross. Available at Exalted with the Sha'tari Skyguard, it has a passive 34 crit rating bonus, and a 50% chance to increase your attack power by 140 for 30 sec when you kill a target that gives experience or honor. There is a 10 second cooldown on the proc, but 30 secs on the buff means that assuming you are killing at a decent rate, it's almost always up. I reckon that I can take 3 mobs a minute, on average, and so it's a 140AP buff for the vast majority of the time. 34 crit and 140 AP from a trinket is awesome. Of course, were the Shattered Ravens in SSC, I'd be hunting down Leotheras the Blind and spanking him hard until he coughed up the Tsunami Talisman. Like an hourglass on steroids, this is probably the best grinding trinket out there, in my opinion. Bosses. I tend to use my grinding trinkets for the trash in Kara, and instances; the extra crit and the procs are great even when fighting elite thingummies. But when it gets to the bosses, the silver cross gets ditched in favour of old faithful, Bladefist's Breadth. Available from a low level quest in Hellfire Peninsula (albeit one that will require a full team of 5), this is a massively useful trinket for boss fights. For sure, I lose 8 crit rating when switching it in, but 200 AP for 15secs on demand is very useful for those last few moments of a boss fight when you need all out dps. Pop rapid fire and this little baby, and watch the dps climb! It has a 90sec cooldown on it, so if your boss lasts longer than that, you can even get a couple of goes with it. Whilst I tend to stick with the hourglass for boss fights as well as grinding, I have recently been toying with another idea. As an alchemist, I have the Alchemist's Stone that I carry around on my bags for transmuting. As a hunter, i have feign death to get me out of combat. Whilst my mana effeciency is pretty good, on longer boss fights, I do have a tendency to need to glug a Fel mana potion from time to time. I am thinking that a macro, that feigns death, switches the hourglass out for the stone, drinks a pot, and then switches the hourglass back in, might prove to be really useful. I shall experiment and then report back here on the effectiveness after tonight's Karazhan run. The upgrade here is going to be the Bloodlust Brooch, available for 41 heroic tokens, the extra AP from its "on use" power is worth the exchange of crit for AP for more steady dps during boss fights. With the addition of badges from Karazhan and Zul'Aman in 2.3, the 41 badges will be relatively trivial to pick up, and this baby will replace the long serving Breadth. PVP I am a poor PvPer. I love it, and am moderately sucessful in Battlegrounds, and even have reasonable success in Arenas (50% ish wins is ok by me). But I'm no pvp god. More enthusiasm, less skill. And as such I'm not so committed. I tend to have a rather casual attitude to gearing for PvP, switching out a couple of agi/crit pieces of gear for a couple of AP/Stam bits. I tend to consider AP more important than crit for PvP, and so Bladefist's gets to stay, the AP when I want it seems better than a random proc. I then pair it with the Insignia of the Alliance to give me that CC breaking ability that is so vital in PvP. Suggestions for other trinkets for pvp are welcome, of course. However, coming in 2.3 is the uber Cruelty. Not only does this trinket have a massive 40 crit rating, but on use it also gives 1750 health for 15 secs. Obviously, I'll need to try this out, but it sounds on first like a great pvp emergency button. 75 heroic badges won't be too hard to get, but may take some time, so it'll prolly have to wait until after I've got the Bloodlust Brooch. Anyway, some thoughts there on my trinket loadout, as ever, comments are welcome.


Blogger Maebius said...

Interesting trinkets, though it will be months and years before I get there. (Am casual like you, and nowhere near 70 yet).
What are your thoughts on trinkets from Engineering? I know the mithril Dragonling is a fun toy, but is not useful for grinding....anything at high-level that might warrent swapping out your current ones for?
-Nookni: Survival hunter, Farstriders-US

30 October 2007 at 14:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When looking at Cruelty, forget about the 1750 HP for 15 secs: it's WAY TOO situational! Besides, it won't "heal" you 1750 HP, it will only make your TOTAL HP higher by 1750, and if you're with 1000 HP left, it won't matter whether you have 1000/10000 or 1000/11750!

I'd say this is more a Tank trinket, especially Druid tank because of Improved Leader of the Pack, and to use right before starting a boss but the short duration means a very well coordinated cast heal (by someone else), use trinket while heal almost landing, charge.

Way TOO situational and very much useless effect!

31 October 2007 at 17:36  
Blogger Munsen said...

I too am a survival hunter, (recently respecced bm for arenas) *sadness anyway, I was curious as to your choice for trinkets, First off, the trinkets I want are ones that are fairly attainable, but do require time, however I have yet to see any that could easily replace them, First would be the storms trinket, second would be the Trinket from Grulls, If you want to know the reasons behind my choices I will go into detail on my blog,
alas, atm I have to go to lunch.

1 November 2007 at 16:32  
Blogger Jesse said...


great blog -- very well written.

I wanted to share my grinding trinket setup.

I'm a BM hunter and I find that the only thing that stops me when grinding is a mana break.

I use the Mark of Conquest trinket along with the Power Infused Mushroom trinket, combined with AotV, and i never go below 60% mana when grinding my mobs same lvl, even with pet heals and traps/specials. It's really quite amazing.

anyway, see ya!

3 November 2007 at 05:41  
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